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Portable Work Lights

Portable Work Lights Get the Job Done

Don’t let the lack of light slow you down. When you are working on a project, we know that you need to be able to get work done regardless of the on-site lighting situation.


Dependable, portable work lights are a perfect solution to get the job done whether it is daytime, nighttime, wide area or confined space. No matter the situation, you need a reliable source of light to get the job done. That is why we provide the highest-quality fluorescent, incandescent, and portable LED work lights in the industry

The Best in Lighting Technology

Every job has its own unique needs for lighting, and many have a preference on the type of light they use.


For those reasons, we offer a wide range of options to choose from to make sure your needs are met. We provide traditional lighting solutions, such as incandescent, and fluorescent work lights, and we provide more advanced LED lighting technology solutions.

Our portable LED work lights make use of highly energy efficient light emitting diode (LED) technology that lasts longer, shines brighter, and is more durable than more traditional designs. LEDs are less susceptible to environmental stress, so you can count on them to keep shining bright no matter what conditions you find yourself working in. Designed and built in the USA, our branded Stubby II® LED has Lite Smoothing Technology™ which virtually eliminates shadows, halos, and bright piercing light that can hurt your eyes.

Portable – Reliable – Versatile

Saf-T-Lite portable work lights are designed and built to provide light when and where you need it most.


We offer a wide-variety of options, including many LED portable work light solutions. We supply lights that fit easily into tight spaces, so you can be sure of your sight no matter the job. We supply LED trouble lights with fixture lengths of anywhere from 9.5 inches, all the way up to 6 feet long. We also provide models on cord-reel to help you keep busy workspaces clear of trip hazards. Saf-T-Lite portable lighting options range from heavy duty portable work lights to portable hazardous location lighting. Using our lighting solutions, you can pick up and move from one location to the next quickly, with minimal hassle.

Contact Us

Reach out to us today to learn more about how our portable lighting products and accessories can make your work brighter, and easier. We can be reached at (260) 824-3627, or you can contact us online. One of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to assist you in determining which of or solutions are best for you.

STUBBY® LED, 50' REEL (1950-4000)

Introduced in 1986, the Stubby® fluorescent work light has been and still is one of our most popular work lights. Thirty-Two years later, General Manufacturing is introducing the brand new Stubby LED work light. The best just got better!