STUBBY ON 50' CORD (1413-5000)

Manufacturer part number: 1413-5000
The Original Stubby work light brings with it the legendary Saf-T-Lite durability that we all come to expect. The Stubby is constructed around a highly efficient 520 lumen LED replaceable lamp with Light Smoothing Technology. The lightweight outer shell of the fixture is designed to withstand the most rigorous, most abusive conditions. THE STUBBY CAN BE PURCHASED ON A RETRACTABLE CORD REEL, ON A STANDARD CORD OR AS A REPLACEABLE HEAD KIT. The material selection and integrated shock-absorbing features create day-in-day-out dependability.

  • 620 Lumens
  • Tough polycarbonate outer tube
  • Spring steel hook slides up and down the outer tube and rotates for hands free lighting
  • Soft end caps provide moisture and dirt resistance and absorb impacts when dropped
  • 50' 18/2 SJTOW oil resistant, watertight cord