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Industrial Work Lights

Built to Perform

Saf-T-Lite offers a range of heavy duty industrial light solutions that are designed to operate and address the special needs encountered in industrial applications.


Wide areas, confined spaces, tight spot mounting, explosion and flying debris proof, waterproof, vibration resistant, chemical resistant, heat or cold rated performance; all come together in Saf-T-Lite’s line of high performance industrial work lights.

Reduce Risk with The Right Light for the Job

When it comes to industrial lighting, Saf-T-Lite understands the importance of proper illumination that reduces risk of substandard work or having to perform rework.


That’s why we offer an array of lights that will perform under any challenging environment and offer different types of lighting technology. Traditional fluorescent work lights to higher lumen LED work light technology, the right light promotes high level throughput and reduces risk of wasted time and work.

Safety First – Protect Workers and Equipment

When it comes to the intense needs of an industrial setting, we understand the importance of safety.


Lighting may be viewed as an afterthought or of small concern, but with the wrong type of light in an adverse environment, it can quickly turn into a dangerous situation. At Saf-T-Lite, we have designed and engineered our lights to meet the safety standards needed to safely perform in specific environments and to provide protection for workers.  Purposefully designed details like properly placed and protected switches, durable, slam-tested tough housings for specific needs of an environment, finishes that repel toxic materials and a choice of lighting technology to fit the job, all come together in a Saf-T-Lite work light product.

Ask How We Can Provide you with the Right Industrial Work Light Solutions

Our company is a well-established provider of Industrial grade work lights that are specifically designed to offer a significant combination of exceptional performance, durability and versatility. To find out more about our products or for details of a local supplier, call us at (260) 824-3627.