Model No 5000-3007 Tri-Tap with GFCI and Circuit Breaker (5000-3007)

Manufacturer part number: 5000-3007
Model No 5000-3007 Tri-Tap with GFCI and Circuit Breaker. A ground fault circuit interrupter and circuit breaker protects the user and the equipment! The GFCI located at the plug protects user from shock in wet locations. A resettable circuit breaker in the tri-tap outlet housing prevents the user from overloading the cordset.

Product Specifications
Case Qty6
Case Weight12
Cord Capacity15 amps
Cord Conductor3
Cord Gauge12
Cord Length2ft.
Cord TypeSJTW
Guard InformationN/A
Guard MaterialN/A
Lamp InformationN/A
Lumen OutputN/A
Lamp TypeNone
Lamp WattageN/A
Model Amp Capacity15 amps
Model Amp Draw-
Model Anti StrobeNo
Model Hertz60
Model ListingsUL and C-UL
Light Fixture Diameter-
Model Unit Size1
Model Voltage120
Outer Tube InformationN/A
Outer Tube NameN/A
Reel DiameterN/A
Power Inlet Cord ConductorsN/A
Power Inlet Cord GaugeN/A
Power Inlet Cord LengthN/A
Power Inlet Cord TypeN/A
Power Inlet Cord Plug ConfigurationN/A
Reel WidthN/A
Tool Tap Capacity15 amps
Tool Tap InformationTriple Receptacle