Product Specifications
Built In USAY
Case Qty12
Case Weight26
Head Kit5165-9519
Replacement Lamp5000-2003
Light Fixture Length11 inches
Light Fixture Diameter2.25 inche
Model Voltage120 VAC
Model Hertz60 HZ
Model Amp Draw.3
Model Amp Capacity12
Model Anti Strobe0
With Tool Tapyes
Cord Length18in.
Cord Gauge16
Cord Conductor3
Cord TypeSJTOW
Cord CapacityN/A
Outer Tube NameTough-Shield™
Lamp Typefluorescent-13W
Tool Tap Capacity12 amps
Tool Tap InformationSingle Receptacle
Tool Tap Picture100_1725(3).jpg
Case Weight18
Light Fixture Length11"
Light Fixture Diameter2.25"
Model Voltage120VAC
Model Hertz60HZ
With Switchyes
Cord Length1ft.
Cord TypeSJTOW-A
Cord Capacity13 amps
Outer Tube NameStandard
Outer Tube InformationPolycarbonate
Lamp TypePLS-13W/41
Lamp Wattage13
Lumen Output900
Lamp InformationThis  lamp is a patented rough service, 13 watt fluorescent lamp that is rated at 10,000 hours and produces the equivalent light to a 75 watt incand. bulb. It has undergone a process which makes it 10x more impact resistant.
Lamp Picture50002003.jpg
Tool Tap Capacity13 amps
Tool Tap InformationReceptacle for in-line Tool Tap
Tool Tap Picture100_1725.jpg