Which Light Do You Need?

With many different styles and types of lighting, it can be a challenge finding the right light for the task at hand.  Users may want less light or a smaller light pattern in compact areas to reduce glare. Larger worksites may require maximum light that floods the area. Other jobs require a fixture that can project light out at a distance. The charts below can help in determining which light may be right for you. Each chart gives two important pieces of information: light measurement in foot-candles and light pattern dimension.

Note: Patch-Width is a mathematical calculation that gives a useable light-pattern dimension for each light at the distance given at the bottom of each chart.


Compact Portable Hand-Held Work Lights (LED and Fluorescent)

Portable and Mounted Work Lights (LED and Fluorescent)

 Explosion Proof Lights (LED, Incandescent and Fluorescent)



Note: The IS300 has a sliding lense that increases light intensity and projection distance. By changing the lens position, the IS300 can produce an area light with a reduced light intensity (the patch-width increases greatly when the lense is in “wide” position).