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The Importance of Quality Hazardous Location Lighting

Whether you run a small business or large facility, it is important to protect your workers, equipment, and buildings. It just takes one spark when the conditions are right to trigger a fire or explosion. High-quality hazardous location lighting from Saftlite (General Manufacturing) is designed to prevent such hazards from occurring. Let's look at some of the bad things that can happen when you cut expenses at the cost of safety. The following story is fictional but could happen.


Bill operated a mid-sized manufacturing and warehouse facility. He had his own maintenance people to take care of the lift trucks, and other warehouse equipment. Bill loved a bargain, and when he was approached by a sales rep (who showed him how to save money on work lights), he was very interested. Bill decided to go with the cheap lights, even though something in the back of his mind told him not to. He knew the lights were not rated for hazardous location lighting, but he thought they would be safe enough. After all, his mechanics were skilled and careful.

Everything went fine for several months, and Bill thought he made a great cost-saving decision. However, one day a mechanic hung a trouble light on the back part of a lift truck cage so he could replace a propane fuel line. He became distracted with another task, and then all the mechanics left for lunch.

A few minutes later there was an explosion in the warehouse because the plastic hook on the light was cracked and it fell on the leaky fuel line, exploding the tank. Thankfully no one was injured, but the damages were in excess of $40,000. Had Bill invested in quality hazardous location lighting this problem could have easily been avoided.

When safety is concerned, cutting costs can be dangerous! Call us today at 260-824-3627 to see what we can do for your special lighting needs.

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