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Power Supply

High Quality – Made in the USA

When it comes to electrical supply, you need a safe, reliable and powerful solution that delivers the power you need where you need it.


Saf-T-Lite Power Supply Reels are proudly Made in the USA and are built to the exacting standards and high quality that stand up to the rigors of commercial and industrial environments.

Retractable Power Supply Reels provide a safe and easy way to improve the functionality of your work area. Using power supply reels helps organize work spaces, improves productivity, and makes areas safer by removing trip hazards and by safely delivering electricity where it’s needed.

Safety - Durability - Functionality

From lighter duty commercial power supply reels through to heavy duty, industrial-grade power supply reels, Sat-T-Lite products are engineered and manufactured in our state of the art facility under strict quality controls to ensure user safety, and deliver both performance and lasting durability.

READ MOREOur careful attention to detail in the design and development of our power reels provide features that improve functionality and provide versatility in use.

Small Details - Big Results

Saf-T-Lite recognizes that the small details can make big difference.


That’s why we have added details like the Saf-T-Lok which keeps power cords securely locked in avoiding accidentally disconnecting your tools and equipment, and the ball stop which lets you choose the hang down height of the retracting cord, and single, duplex, triple, or quad (with dedicated circuit breakers) outlet options allowing multiple hook ups for increased functionality. Lighted power indicator lights on Saf-T-Lok outlets also lets you know power is flowing, and easy rollers that allow smooth payout and take-up of cord furthers the ease in functionality. Your choice of steel mounting brackets allows your retractable power reel to be mounted on walls or ceilings and taken off to provide portable power where you need it, and then placed back over and over again. Our engineers have also thought of one of the most crucial details in a work environment – Light. We even have an option to add a light to your reel turning it into a light AND power reel all in one.

Commercial Power Reels

Commercial Power Reels

Mid Sized Power Reels

Mid Sized Power Reels

Industrial Power Reels

Industrial Power Reels

Reversed Power Supply Reels

Reversed Power Supply Reel


Extension Cords

Model No 5000-3007 Tri-Tap with GFCI and Circuit Breaker (5000-3007)

Model No 5000-3007 Tri-Tap with GFCI and Circuit Breaker. A ground fault circuit interrupter and circuit breaker protects the user and the equipment! The GFCI located at the plug protects user from shock in wet locations. A resettable circuit breaker in the tri-tap outlet housing prevents the user from overloading the cordset.

Quad GFCI Outlet Box (5000-3006)

Protection in damp locations. • Durable Plastic Housing • 6" 12/3 SJTW Cord with GFCI Protected NEMA 5-15P Plug • GFCI Test and Reset Buttons are Located on the Plug • 15 Amp Circuit Breaker Prevents Overloading the Unit

Reversed Power Reel, 10' Cord (2610-0039)

Perfect for Mobil Carts and Cabinets.

Reversed Power Reel, 30' Cord (2630-1013)

Perfect for Mobil Carts and Cabinets.

Power Supply, 30ft. Reel, Single Receptacle (2630-1000)

One Less Tripping Hazard, Your Feet Will Thank You!

Power Supply, 20ft. Reel, Single Receptacle (2620-1000)

At 6 Inches in Diameter this is One Compact Reel!