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Mid-Size Power Reels

Mid Size Reels that Deliver High Power Performance

Our Mid size power supply reels provide more amps when and where you need it.


The mid size range is an economical solution when you need more powerful amperage than a standard power supply reel, but do not need not all the features that a heavy-duty, higher price power reel carries. Constructed of high impact, durable plastic blend, the mid size reels come with multiple features that make jobs easier to complete. Features such as triple outlet and Saf-T-Lok options, steel mounting brackets with locking pin and safety chain provide a choice in mounting options and allow for removal of the reel for more portable power.

Go Big with Mega Mid Size Reels

The Mega Mid-Size Power Reel is one of our most popular models and adds even more with a full 65’ of cord so you never need to worry about coming up short.


Along with all the features of the mid size reel, the Mega Mid-Size Reel packs a quad outlet containing a circuit breaker with reset keeping it close at hand to keep you moving.

Engineered for the Job

Mountable or Portable, these reels offer flexibility when the job demands it!


Designed to give the user the most flexibility, simply pull the pin, and the Power Supply Reel becomes Portable. With integrated support feet, the Reel lays nicely on its side. When done, return it to it’s Steel Bracket, and insert the pin! Job Well Done!

Keep your work centers clean, organized and safe with our Commercial Duty Power Supply Reels. Keeping your workplace organized will benefit you in increased performance on the job. No more fighting with kinks, coils, and twists of an old, worn-out extension cord. Our reel gets the cords out of the way! No more trip/fall hazards well after a job is done! Reel it up and out of the way!

Our Midsize Reels offer more reach without breaking the budget! Features like, Roller Guides, Steel Mounting Brackets and Pins, the Large Adjustable Ballstop, normally found on Industrial Reels, the Midsize Line of Reels is designed with durability and value in mind.

Our 16/3 30’ Tri-Tap Model includes Integrated Circuit Breaker in the Tri-Tap for quick and easy user reset (No Ladder Required for Reset).

• Super Tough, Light Weight Engineered Plastic Shell
• Wall/Ceiling Steel Mounting Bracket
• Available in 40’ and 65’ 12/3 Oil-Resistant Cords
• Adjustable BallStop
• 24” 12/3 Pigtail
• UL Listed
• Roller Guides
• Saf-T-Lok Compatible
• Molded Tri-Tap with Integrated CB