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Machine Lights

Engineered to be Tough

Lighting up an area in, on and around machines requires an intentionally designed and highly engineered product.


Dealing with vibration, flying debris, chemicals, solvents, large areas, or tight spaces, Saf-T-Lite has the lighting solution to fit your requirements. Features such as Tough-Shield™ impact resistant outer tubes, watertight clamp kits and magnetic mounting clamps make the Saf-T-Lite machine lights versatile, safe and an essential addition to your floor. Whether you need a super bright light or a small area or an even light spread over a larger work surface, Saf-T-Lite fluorescent machine lights have become the industry standard.

Ask How We Can Provide you with the Right Machine Light Solutions

Our company is a well-established provider of heavy-duty work lights that are specifically designed to offer a significant combination of exceptional performance, durability and versatility. To find out more about our products or for details of a local supplier, call us at (260) 824-3627.