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LED Trouble Lights - 5 Good Reasons to Choose the Stubby II LED

If you are in the market for LED trouble lights, SatTLite by General Manufacturing has some excellent selections, and the Stubby II offers a wide range of benefits and features. Here are some reason why this handy and durable light will make a great addition to your toolbox.

What is the Stubby II LED?

You will enjoy many features and options with each model of the Stubby II LED trouble lights. Thanks to the Lite Smoothing Technology, you get light that makes it easier to see and work by. Shadows are reduced, and the light produced is designed to be even, and not too intense.

1. Two Lights in One

No matter what model you choose, your Stubby II lights gives you side LED lights that put out 562 lumens of light while only using 6 watts of power. You also get an end light that makes an excellent flashlight and it gives you 125 lumens at just 3-watts. The switch located in your handle controls both lights.

2. Durability

An LED work light is only as good as its weakest component. A light can have brand name LEDs, but if the driver uses poor quality electronic components or if the design/layout of the driver is not meant for a portable work light, components can fail prematurely, causing the light to stop working. General Manufacturing designed the Stubby II LED with a ruggedized driver, to stand up to the daily hard use seen in the shop.

3. Longevity

You can expect to get about 50,000 hours of light with your Stubby II. That means you could use it for 8 hours a day, seven days a week, and it would still be working after 17 years.

4. Built in the USA

The Stubby II LED was designed and is built in the USA. Extra measures are taken at our factory in Bluffton, Indiana to make sure each work light arrives ready to serve for years!

5. Options

You can choose a 25, 35, or 40-foot cord and a cord reel for convenience. You can also enjoy a tool tap and a chemical and scratch resistant outer tube. Stubby II LED head kit are available, and you can easily convert another light into a Stubby II LED. Check out all the great features of these amazing LED trouble lights that we offer. Call us today at (260) 824-3627.

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