Stub™ LED with The Knuckle™ Mounting Accessory (5160-0002)

Manufacturer part number: 5160-0002
Light EXACTLY Where You NEED it!

Kit Includes One Stub LED Light and One Knuckle Mounting Accessory

      Stub™ LED Light

  • Bright Side LED produces 250 lumens for tight spaces
  • Flashlight on end delivers 70 lumens of light into even tighter spaces!
  • UV Leak Detection light (hold switch for 1.5 seconds to turn on)
  • Light operates 4-6 hours and recharges in 3 hours
  • USB charging cord with 120V wall charger included
  • Powerful neodymium magnets on bottom and side
  • Integrated Belt Clip 

      The Knuckle™

  • The Knuckle™ provides hands free lighting!
  • 58# base magnet will not accidently fall
  • 1/4" dia. x 3" flex neck provides maximum flexibility
  • Direct the light EXACTLY where you need it with the multi-direction platform