Industries We Serve

Automotive Tool & Equipment / Aftermarket 

Saf-T-Lite is the leading and trusted provider of lighting and power supply options in the automotive aftermarket. Our strong reputation has been earned through consistently providing dependable, high quality products to dealerships and repair facilities all across our country.

Our most recognized brand; STUBBY® is still hand – built just as it has been since 1962, with care and attention to detail , and with the most up to date materials and technologies available.  Our STUBBY and STUBBY II Brand work lights provide:Automotive Industry

• Corded and cordless options
• Reel mounted options for both power and light in one unit
• Brilliant light up to 1000 lumens
• LED rating of 50,000 hours


We also safely bring the power where it’s needed with our power supply reels.
Eliminates work hazards, improves safety
• No more tangled mess of trip hazard wires
• No more dangerous octopus’ electrical outlets
• Use the right voltage load for the job
• Up to 70’ cord length
• 20amp, 12/3 cord
• resettable GFCI
• circuit breakers and outlet options that include our Saf-T-Lok outlet.

From hand-built craftmanship to durable materials and latest technologies, the Saf-T-Lite and Saf-T-Powr products continue to deliver unparalleled performance and long-lasting durability. Our reputation stands and you will see the difference when you outfit your workshop, garage, repair facility or dealership with Saf-T-Lite and Saf-T-Powr products. We are so confident in the quality and performance of our products that we offer a forever warranty.
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Product Suggestions for Automotive Applications
1. Stubby, 3313-4000
2. Stubby II, 1113-2500
3. Saf-T-Lok Power Supply, 2200-3011


For over 20 years, GMI has been the “go to” manufacturer of lighting and power supply for the Aerospace and Aviation industries.  We know when it comes to the repair, maintenance, overhaul, and building of our nation’s aircraft, there is nothing more important than a well lit work area to ensure the accuracy of high precision work.

We offer a range of versatile lighting options that align with the unique work spaces in the aviation and aerospace industry.  Aviation Industry

  • Cordless light options for portability and small areas.
  • Large fixture light options for general lighting, producing up to 10,000 lumens and lighting up an entire aircraft body during assembly
  • Heavy Duty String Lighting that has the capability of stringing up 27 lights (nearly 300’) together.
  • Custom lighting options for any ultra-unique work environment

When it comes to lighting heavy duty workspaces, Saf-T-Lite provides the right light for the job!

Contact Saf-T-Lite to help solve your lighting and power supply challenges.

Product Suggestions for Aviation Applications

  1. Cordless Stubby II, 2302-0012
  2. Industrial String Lighting, 2020-5003
  3. Industrial Maintenance Light, 2020-4001

Industrial / Manufacturing

As a manufacturer ourselves, we understand how important it is to have high performance tools, and the most rugged, durable and dependable equipment that will streamline the manufacturing process. That’s why we put our lighting and power supply products through the most stringent and rigorous testing procedures.

We are confident that all our products carry the Saf-T-Lite quality and will perform in the harshest and most rugged environments. Any of our industrial and machine lighting that range from 1200 to 7200 lumen output will ensure your manufacturing floor is operating at optimal speed and performance.Manufacturing Industry


Throughout the diverse manufacturing environments, Saf-T-Lite Lighting and Power Supply products have been helping companies improve inspection and work-environment safety. With a complete range of mounting options, there is no project too big or too small for our product line.

We offer a wide range of lighting and power supply options for workstations to assembly areas.

  • A range of fixtures producing 1200 to a staggering 7500 lumens.
  • Sealed Industrial Lights that excel in the most extreme machining environments
  • Heavy-wall tubular construction
  • Ruggedized drivers
  • Detailed design elements like anti roll features and hook accessories

Power supply products place power safely where it’s needed

  • Eliminates work hazards, improves safety
  • No more tangled mess of trip hazard wires
  • No more dangerous octopus’ electrical outlets
  • Use the right voltage load for the job

Contact Saf-T-Lite so we can help you solve your Lighting and Power challenges!

Product Suggestions for Industrial / Manufacturing Applications

  1. Industrial Maintenance Light, 2020-4001
  2. Industrial Mounted Light, 2020-3003
  3. Stubby Machine Lights, 1413-2591

Military - Shelter Mfgs.

Saf-T-Lite has the experience and “know how” to provide lighting and power supply solutions no matter the size or type of structure, or its environment.

When it comes to providing light and power for temporary structures such as military tents our troops use in harsh areas of conflict or for on- site training, either abroad or on the homefront, Saf-T-Lite has a solution. When medical or decontamination tents that our medical professionals and first responders use in a time of crisis in our country, Saf-T-Lite rises to the occasion. Military Industry


We offer standard or customized drop cordsets that will provide power for all medical and military equipment. Whether we are providing light for a temporary triage station or a “blackout” situation, Saf-T-Lite has the products, technology and engineering capabilities to get the job done.

Our durable, US manufactured light fixtures provide:

  • Up to 52” in length, 2400 lumen output in each light and capable of stringing 27 lights together.
  • Red light options and wireless connectivity to operate the lights when needed.

Customized Built Solutions for Unique Needs

For over 30 years, Saf-T-Lite products have been engineered to perform in demanding conditions. Our String Lights and Custom Manufactured Power Cords are well-suited to the various needs of Military applications. From Shelters to Maintenance, Saf-T-Lite’s legendary durability serves well. Because we are a domestic, state-side manufacturer, we can customize our product offering to suit specific needs. Give us a print, we can develop a solution. We have several COTS options for our military customers.

Available features include:

  • Individual switch lighting
  • Multi-drop cord
  • Blackout provisions
  • Entire String Switching
  • And more – the possibilities are endless

Please reach out to us to with your specific needs!

Product Suggestions for Military / Shelter Applications

  1. String Lighting, Large Diameter, 1625-5025
  2. String Lighting, Small Diameter, 1225-0500
  3. Multi-Drop Extension Cord

OEM / Custom Build 

Saf-T-Lite has a long-standing reputation for Legendary Quality. As the manufacturer of all our products, we can offer custom builds and provide tailored lighting and power solutions for your situation.OEM Custom Build


We offer the same foundation of expert engineering, high quality materials, and the latest technologies to manufacture an item for your own product line, or integration into your existing product. We are passionate about our products and are proud to partner with you to create a comprehensive solution for your needs. Custom branding and custom designs are all options that we can explore to fulfill your needs. We have created everything from sub-assemblies to fully functioning, saleable private label products for companies. Additionally, we can offer stocking programs.

Contact us to discuss your custom needs and how we may partner to provide a solution.

Product Suggestions for OEM / Custom Build:

  1. White Reel, 2630-3019
  2. Multi-Drop Extension Cord
  3. Reverse Power Supply Reels

Shipyards / Maintenance

GMI’s sales and engineering team works alongside the distribution channels that specifically supply the shipyard and maritime industries. This puts us in a position to gain feedback from the operations and maintenance management teams to proactively develop integrated strategic approaches to the construction and maintenance of the maritime and shipbuilding industry.Shipyards Industry


Since 1962, Saf-T-Lite has engineered products for demanding environments. Our products continue to succeed and perform in the rigors of the Shipyards around the country. Compliant with NEC and OSHA specifications, our products regularly are accepted by the Safety Departments within the Shipyards. From manufacturing to inspection to maintenance, Saf-T-Lite Lighting products, are built to provide the durability and performance these environments demand. We offer a variety of models that offer more light, longer cords, cordless, and accessorial options that are sure to provide solutions to any challenge you have for lighting and power. Please reach out to us and one of our Sales Professionals and work light experts, can match the product to your specific needs.

Product Suggestions for Shipyard Applications:

  1. Maintenance Lighting, Stubby II, W/ Tool Tap, 1925-2009
  2. Maintenance Lighting, Stubby II Cordless, 2302-0012
  3. Maintenance Lighting, Large Diameter, 2020-4001