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Industrial, Mounting Bracket, with 80 lbs. Magnet (5000-1077)

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Manufacturer part number: 5000-1077
Product Specifications
Case Qty 1
Case Weight 1
Model Listings N/A
Model Length N/A
Model Tube N/A
Model Voltage N/A
Model Hertz N/A
Model Amp Draw N/A
Model Amp Capacity N/A
Model Anti Strobe No
Model Unit Size 1
Cord Length N/A
Cord Gauge N/A
Cord Conductor -
Cord Type N/A
Cord Plug Configuration N/A
Cord Capacity 13 amps
Guard Material N/A
Guard Information N/A
Outer Tube Name N/A
Outer Tube Information N/A
Lamp Type None
Lamp Wattage N/A
Lumen Output N/A
Lamp Information N/A
Reel Diameter N/A
Reel Width N/A
Reel Pig Type N/A
Reel Pig Length N/A
Reel Pig Gauge N/A
Reel Pig Conductor N/A
Reel Plug Configuration N/A
Tool Tap Capacity N/A
Tool Tap Information N/A
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