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Finding the Best Source for Your Hazardous Location Lighting

Many work sites bring you in close proximity to gasoline, propane, flammable dust, and a wide range of other volatile materials. In fact, it only takes one oversight or mechanical issue to cause a fire or explosion. If this is the case for you, you should make sure that your lighting is able to be used safely in such environments. It is important to choose the right source for your hazardous location lighting. Here are some good reasons to go with a company like General Manufacturing, the maker of Saf-T-Lite products.


Quality is vital, especially when it comes to hazardous location lighting. The safety of people on the job site depends on the quality of the equipment that is being used in hazardous locations. When you choose Saf-T-Lite products, you get the highest quality in the industry. We only use the finest, most durable materials for our lights. Every light meets the highest of quality standards and the required safety standards for Class I area use. We also make products designed for Class II use.

Orders Filled Quickly

When you need hazardous location lighting, we know that you do not want to wait a long time before your product arrives. For this reason, we offer fast turnaround times on our product orders.

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