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Cordless Work Lights

Cordless Work Lights that are Built to Last

Whether your job is indoors during the day, or outside at night time, you will appreciate how important dependable, professional-grade lighting can be. Saf-T-Lite rechargeable work lights are designed for the professional, so no matter where your work is located, they can provide the illumination you need to get the job done. Best of all, Saf-T-Lite rechargeable work lights are designed and built in the United States. You can feel good about buying a Saf-T-Lite!

Extremely Durable Cordless LED Work Light Solutions

We know that there are many occasions when our lights must operate in challenging conditions. This is why we design them to cope with bumps, drops, and other hazards, providing a dependable lighting solution when you need it most. Our team of expert engineers and designers has incorporated a wealth of features into each cordless trouble light, ensuring it gives the type of performance that you need.

A Cordless Rechargeable Work Light that Works as Long as You Do!

Do not waste time on lights that have short battery lives! The portable, rechargeable LED work light options we offer are intended to keep shining brightly around the clock! The Stubby II cordless work light has a removeable battery pack, so you never have to go without light. If you purchase a second battery pack, simply charge one pack while you use the other. Each battery delivers 5 ½ hours or more of bright light. A 120v battery charger is included with each light and in just three hours your battery will be fully charged.

We want to be Your Provider for Cordless Work Lights

Our company is a well-established provider of professional grade cordless work lights that are specifically designed to offer a stunning combination of exceptional performance, durability and versatility. To find out more about our products or for details of a local supplier, call us at (260) 824-3627.