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Commercial Power Reels

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Power Supply, 50ft. Reel, Single Receptacle (2650-1000)

Keep Your Shop Floor Clear of Extension Cord Clutter!

Saf-T-Lok Power Supply Reel (2640-5001V)

Never Accidently Unplug Again!

Power Supply, 30ft. Reel, Single Receptacle (2630-1000)

One Less Tripping Hazard, Your Feet Will Thank You!

Power Supply, 20ft. Reel, Single Receptacle (2620-1000)

At 6 Inches in Diameter this is One Compact Reel!

Mid Size Portable Power Supply Reel, 40' Cord (2200-3000)

You are Free to Roam with this Portable Power Reel!

Mid Size Plastic Reel with 50' Cord and Tri Tap (2200-3015V)

Heavy Duty Cord without the Heavy Duty Price!

Saf-T-Lok Mid Size Portable Reel (2200-3011)

Never Accidently Unplug Again!