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5 Things to look for in a Cordless LED Work Light

When you need a portable light on the job, the right cordless LED work light gives you many advantages. You will find many different types when you are shopping around, so it might be difficult to determine which is the best for your line of work. Here are five important features to look for when you check out cordless lights.

1. Sufficient Lighting

Of course, you need a light bright enough to let you see properly, and it should cover as much of your work area as possible. A cordless work light with side LEDs and a flashlight end can provide the necessary lighting in a variety of situations.

2. Removeable Battery Pack

With removable battery packs, you can keep an extra battery pack on hand for when one discharges you can use the second battery. This allows you to charge one while using the other and never run out of power!

3. Lithium Polymer Batteries

NiCad batteries are not good for the environment and do not pack enough power. NiMH batteries often develop “memory” and lose their ability to fully charge. Lithium polymer batteries do not have these issues. They are also light-weight, and powerful.

4. Battery Pack Run Time

It is frustrating to recharge your light every couple of hours. Make sure the cordless light you choose has long-life battery packs over cheap batteries. If you choose the right light, you will not have to take your cordless LED work light out of service to charge it every two to three hours. You can get over four hours of light with the best battery packs.

5. High-Quality

What can you do if your light suddenly dies on you in the middle of an important job? You cannot afford to end up in the dark, and that is why you cannot afford to buy cheap lights. General Manufacturing Inc., makers of Saf-T-Lite products, has been building quality, commercial grade lighting since 1962. We make a complete line of portable lighting products for your needs, including lights for hazardous conditions.